Thursday, 11 December 2014

Dear Santa - this year I'd like (4): THE Pulpit

This is something many have wished they could have in their place of worship: THE Pulpit!

We've all been there I'm sure; that moment when you're in full swing and the Bible reference or the killer quote that would wow the congregation and leave you looking like you've actually prepared slips away from you.

just click on the image to see more

That's no longer a problem for at the touch of a button and touchscreen and that quote, or any other reference, fact or even joke, is there on the screen as you seamlessly switch from sermon to Bible to quotes and more. No longer do the prayers need to bumble around for the news can be there and the prayers are up to the minutes - you can even get sport channels (optional upgrade) and more. Internet, Freeview, satellite and more are all available at the touch of a button!

And for those people you know are asleep or playing '2048' during the sermon - now they're banged to rights as you zoom in with the crowd cam. Great for those little nudges during the sermon as you look almost into their should and heap condemnation upon them.

Order yours today - you know you want one!


Linda said...

There you go Wendy now you know what to get Vic for Christmas.

JonG said...

Where's the button for a quick game of Candy Crush?

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Connectivity to the internet means that during those meaningful silences games, MOTD and other 'enhancements' will be available.