Thursday, 15 December 2016

A day of struggle ...

... and a day where the energy was less than I would have likes and yet here I am, just finished sorting some more stuff for the funerals before me. Three funeral visits today, a funeral at the Crem; an amazingly good communion in a care home, a rocking Christingle and a very productive building's meeting all crash in now to make me feel like it has been a good day.

That said I'm starting to feel the pace and am looking forward to a bit of a withdrawal from the daily grind for a bit this afternoon.

High points:
the opportunity to engage with so many different people in so many settings;
the feeling that you have made a difference (in a positive way) to the lives of the people you've met;
the ability to remain unfazed regardless of what is going on around you and by doing so know that you are making Jesus, the Christ, real.

Low points: the feeling that the spring in my spot os fading and I'm reaching my sell by date with regard to the pre-Christmas stuff. Glad I've decided to fly about the clouds next year because at the moment I'm stuck in the hedge at the end of the runway and can see little respite until the New Year has arrived.

Lord, thanks for today - it's been 'a day' but You were there and so suddenly, upon reflection, it has been yet another good one.

Bring me restorative sleep and the knowledge of you presence.


ps. Yes, the mould is the reason I wheeze - don't tell me what my problem is, become part of the solution :-)

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UKViewer said...

Prayers for the daily struggle to remain motivated.. And the peace of Jesus and his Grace to surround and to comfort you as you move through perhaps the busiest season of the Church Year.

We have three funerals on the go as well, but are fortunate to have three Priests available to assist. What will happen when our curate moves on - perhaps I will get the opportunity to undergo the funeral module (actually run for the diocese by our Vicar) and assist, rather than be a spectator.