Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A funny sort of day

Touching base with many different people in a variety of ways - it seems that as we get closer to celebrating the incarnate we lose that self-same attribute in ourselves. Jesus, the invisible God made visible and made flesh - clergy, man made invisible, as we communicate by text, email and social media!

A quick encounter with someone by telephone is worth a hundred texts and to actually manifest ourselves physically before someone - well it's akin to a theophany in the Bible - and for some, as rare too!

Being aware of someone's existence is something but being in their physical presence is something else. As I sense God in my life I am uplifted, quickened and enabled - I call upon Him, sometimes to answer by fire as the story relating to the contest with the Baal followers, because I have a confidence that He's there. Do those I serve have the same confidence in me?

Today a day of encouragement and hope from a organisation of the same name and funeral visits, another Kid's Club, pastoral stuff and an evening off. Lost a couple of people - amazing how someone moving and changing get their mobile number can cause them to just vanish - not even the support workers can find them. It's worrying that there are so many mentally ill people slipping through the net, if the welfare state is in such a state that it can ignore and incompetently handle the mad like this, isn't it time that the Church got mad and brought some sanity to it all?

But here I am, knackered tonight, eyes heavy and it's not even midnight - the Christmas rush hasn't bit yet - there's no time - and it's always my busy time of year, because that's what I reckon the Boss always has too. So Lord strengthen me, fill me with your Holy Spirit, and make me to become an incarnate presbyteral entities - burn the paperwork and, having  buried the dead, proclaim the Christ in the company of a living and broken world - in the flesh.

For all that today was I thank you and for all that tomorrow will be I bless your name.

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