Thursday, 22 December 2016

Wow! Hallelujah!

A day in which just about everything has shone. Good news on the pastoral front. Another amazing funeral that saw the Gospel preached and the bereaved blessed. God's love was made real in a number or ways to a number of people: And I got to be part of it all"

The only words I can think of are: Wow!  and Hallelujah!

Going to bed with a smile on my face and praise on my lips - can this get any beget that this (without the return of Jesus)?

Today started with Isaiah 55 - so many nuggets in it: 'seek God while you can, and 'God's word never returning empty' with the cherry that is 'going out in joy and being led back in peace'. And I was, and I did and I am and ... Wow! The psalms underpinned all that and the nod to Lot and judgement and stuff just made the task before me more important still.

Lord for the places my feet were found I thank you.
For the times when I was aware of your presence in my life today I bless you.
For the presence of your Holy Spirit acting in those I saw I worship you.
Today and its labours have come to an end - give me sleep and make me to rise tomorrow with added zeal, increased courage and a gentleness of spirit. 
Help me to bring peace where there is none; understanding where there is ignorance and confusion: love and acceptance where there is rejection and pain. Help me to be your man and to take Jesus, the Christ, into all that I do and am.

And a postscript: be for those who have needs today the God who answers by fire.
Bless you God - Marantha. 


UKViewer said...

I love to hear a good news story.

I had a lovely experience on Wed morning at our Parish Art Club. Someone brought in their elderly father, who is vulnerable and quite isolated as the lone carer for their spouse who is totally disabled.

He has himself recovered from an illness - where he had been unable to speak - and while recovered, was finding conversation difficult.

Once he opened up, we couldn't stop him - it was a blessing to learn his life story. Starting off in the Print in London, ending as an Academic Lecturer in a University, before retirement (about 20 years ago).

He now has friends, and a place of respite for the future with us, he is a talented water colour artist and we look forward to him sharing his skills with us, less talented.

God be praised.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Hallelujah indeed - great story to start the day with - open door, arm, hearts and a paintbrush, can it get any better?