Sunday, 25 December 2016

Halfway to Bethlehem

Three of the six Christmas services done and I am buzzing. The nearer we got as we journeyed with the nine lessons the more excited I got at the prospect of celebrating God Mandy man. The Kid's Club was riotous and here was a funny sad moment as the family who came and then realised that we weren't proper church, mumbled something about 'being back in a minute' and legged it to add to the numbers at the 'real church down the road',
Midnight was amazing, first time I've worn a chasuble in our little Church but it was fun and the use of something that hadn't been seen here for possibly twenty-five years blessed some of the older members - which has to be a blessing.

Lord, what a journey - from Pentecostal to looking like they'd expect Rome to appear, and yet it is all the same Church - just different and with a lot mitre theology stuffed into it I guess.

For the dolls I managed to reach, to offer pastoral care and to bring the body and blood of the Christ, I am so grateful - and for those for whom chance is it's fells short, well there's always tomorrow :-)

 Less the remaining services and help me to make the Christ known as this Sunday (a mini Easter) collides with the first Advent of our Lord. May my tongue indeed be the pen of a ready writer: Lord give me the words and I will sing your praise and preach salvation made real through the babe of Bethlehem.

Ouch those who mourn or are in bad places mentality, emotionally and physically. May we do more than feed those who come todayfor Communion and the 'don't be home alone @ Christmas' meal.

Help me to make the light of Christ visible that He might illumine and warm their hearts today.


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