Saturday, 31 December 2016

Another day another . . .

opportunity to minister God's Grace.

Today was a day very much taken up by ministering to the bereaved - one opportuniy came in that shape of a service at the Crematorium, another took me on a visit, another still a gathering for a family to remember being family and to remember loved ones who had departed, yet another taken up with paperwork and the preparations for a service next week - and more pastoral stuff besides.

It has been a most wonderful day indeed.

Lord, comfort those who mourn and strengthen those with mental health issues. Help us to be willing and ready to be a support and friend in the dark times and to set the captives free from the dark places.

For those I have met and the opportunities to engage I thank you - help me to serve and give and never count the cost - carrying my cross and denying myself and my sill ambitions.

Bless and equip me to be a blessing I pray.

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