Saturday, 17 December 2016

It's beginning to feel a lot like ...

I'm doing too much!

Only one more funeral visit before Christmas and it's beginning to show :-(
Today was liked with a wonderful kid's club - they were mad, noisy and manic; and it was great!
I love playing pool, table football and the conversations, has to be one of the greatest privileges I can have doing this stuff with the Wife (and newly returned son).

Straight after that, the penultimate funeral visit. Never a good time to lose someone but there are certainly bad times and the second in a year and Christmas make this a sad encounter for a lovely person.

Knee hurts and body aches, could be the getting soaked this week (or just getting my just desserts for a month of little sleep) - would love to be a grouch but smiling seems to be the better option, so I'll take it :-)

New water boiler plumbed in and wired up and working in time for the annual Christmas revue, which is showing signs of not being what it was due to ageing performers. But regardless StF will be partying I'm sure.

The topic that is Theodicy (AKA 'stuff happens') popped in yesterday as I considered the wrong around me. So many people suffering because of the weakness, foolishness and wickedness of of others. Epicurus and his little ale on the problem of evil in the light of a god existing - and vice versa - popped up.

And yet I have a God who has popped in at the last moment and answered by fire and other unexpected and yet obvious means so many times.  So I pray and watch and wait and know there is a solution and that provision is on the way.

A night in Bristol in a lovely house with an equally lovely owner (and some cool carpentry shills) have seen me sleep well and enjoy a walk with son. The joy of being a parent and a partner - makes me think and pray of those estranged, broken and bereaved. Always someone with a need isn't there :-

But back home and Bristol already vanishing into the distance behind me as the train moves on and I'm already wondering where, and what, the next stop will be. Lord, make it a good encounter with a little bit of sun and a lot of snow.

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