Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Day for the family beckons . . .

. . . as today slowly crawls to an end and I have to say that today was one of the best Christmas Days on offer, ever! It even eclipses the Christmas when I got my first Scalextric (GP3) racing car set - and that is saying something. My Mecano clockwork motor (No.2) is now in the shadows and all because God made the decision to come to earth as a man.

The past three days have seen eight services and one Christmas lunch for those who would otherwise be alone take place and yet by the time we drew stumps and settled down at home to watch 'Die Hard', although it was heading towards six pm - the rush was immense.

Today there have been many people communicated (that means given bread and wine) and talked with and engaged with and loved and cared for just as God commands us to do - and I was but a minor part and can therefore take no credit for anything but the choice of film tonight!

Today as we remembered the coming of Jesus, the Christ, the opportunity was there for us to lead others into His presence and this, as ever, was a great joy indeed.

Lord, Thank You for today and the encounters and the blessings and the opportunity to sing the last verse of 'O Come all Ye Faithful' three times - something I look forward to every year. may tomorrow's day of rest be a family affair and may we 'riotously' celebrate the birth of the babe.

be with those who are lonely at this time, comfort those who mourn and touch our broken world with your love I pray.

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