Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Journal: Another manic Monday

Today started well around 3am this morning and raced headlong into Tuesday before I had a chance to blink. Almost expecting it to be a day of meetings with a slight chance of pastoral in the early afternoon with a brief spell of Kid's Club before a PCC set in to end the day.

But of course, like Michael Fish and the unannounced storms, the forecast missed a 'bit of a blow' and the day provided some unseen challenges and a brief spell of fog descended turning to confusion and a little pocket of dismayed.

There was an unexpected outbreak of sun as, having only mentioned someone that morning my prayers were answered by a telephone call from one of their family asking me to visit them - now how's about that then? Coincidence or God's provision? I prayed about the person and the fact that they'd been off the radar and apparaently moved away in the morning Office, mentioned them in the Monday meeting, and before PCC could start had been called (on a separate matter) and had the opportunity to re-engage with them through bread and wine (and another cup of tea): Bargain!

How cool are you God? What an answer to prayer - now, about the Premier League ....

There were some interesting challenges over the course of the day - some fires were put out, some fires were transferred to others in the style of the film 'Jeremiah Johnson' - which if you haven't seen it goes like this:

Bear Claw: "Are you sure you can skin grizzlies? 

Jeremiah Johnson: "Just as fast as you can catch them!"

Bear Claw returns and rushes into the cabin followed by a grizzly bear - jumping out the back window with the cry: "Skin that one and I'll go get you another!"

Yes indeedy folks, there are times when I am glad that someone else has taken on a grizzly experience for me - and when it's a long standing challenge which is destined to rung around the ring road of life with the driver happy to drive without any hope of turning off the road, I'm grateful for someone else sitting in the passenger seat for a while; although I know I'm Catarina be back in the passenger seat before long.

Some fires were lit today and they will be Tuesday's challenges to keep my hands from being idle and mu knees from rising.

But today I lay before you my encounters and conversations - may they have allowed to to be seen and heard.

I lay before You all that I did well and stand back, not for praise, by to acknowledge that these were the work and influence of Your Holy Soirit.

I lay before You the things that showed my size eleven feet of clay and the man I would like to be less off - inspire me, correct me and make me your man and more of your image - sorry Lord.

I lay before You the many needs of those around me - You are Jehovah Shammah - we are not alone and You truly answer by fire.

For the food I have been give, the life I have within me and the forgiveness you call me to show others, Lord I bless Your name - bring on tomorrow ...

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