Monday, 23 January 2017

Journal: Old friends - Good God - Love my church

Sunday was a good day for a number of reasons - the majority down to Church (universal) and church (the local expression). Somehow it worked out that I only took one service today, and that was a late one, and was a member of a congregation in an evening joint service - felt strange and a little off to do so little, but hey ho; 'twas fun!'

The week ahead is a 'week off' with the final tax bits and Holocaust Memorial Day all within it - so today was a great unwinding day as I found myself back in our church family playing and preaching and communicating. As much as I enjoy the theology there is something so very relight for me about the pastoral and I rarely reflect negatively upon the decision to take the fork in the road marked 'pastoral' over that marked 'academy' - but grass and it's greenness is always something that appears as an issue in our lives, isn't it?

But at the end of the day our people and the needs of the community and the desire to make Christ known in the streets, in the homes and in the hearts of those who reside there - isn't this the call I follow? The call we should all listen for?

There were many pastoral engagements today - all light and gentle and mutually affirming.

There were many people with needs today and yet the gentle voice of the Spirit poured forth its balm.

The word of God was opened and the three passages before us shown to be a unity - direction was given, correction was offered, and salvation proclaimed - how cool is that?

Then the Christians of the town gathered and we ended our truncated week of Prayer for Christian Unity with a joint service. Met some old friends, promoted Street Angels and had a nice time.

Lord for a day done, I thank You.
For the day to come, I wait expectantly for Your challenges and blessings ahead.
Bless the Lord my souls, bless Him.

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