Thursday, 26 January 2017

Journal: getting results

That's what it's all about, making the right things happen and the bad things go away, isn't it?

Today has been excellent with God-given opportunities, answered prayer and weird happenings with the Internet - who could ask for anything more?

I feel like this week has been one of corners turned and opportunities emerging where before there was only dark clouds in the horizon; and the reason? Prayer.

How many of us live in the land of 'I wish' when we should be in the land of 'He is able and so therefore am I'. Too many times I hear of the failings of someone else when people speak of their failures and missed opportunities, but the reality is that we are often so taken up with the people we can blame that we forget the God who is able - and that is a major sadness for the Church and the world it is supposed to be serving.

But this week, some people have moved forward and for my part in it I thank God!

Today I am thankful for the encounters He has provided for me and still sorry for the person I might have been and yet was not.

I thank God for the sinner who repented today and the 'far off' who came near.

Lord, as I turn in I thank you for my daily bread, my sins forgiven and Your love and life made real in me. Bring on tomorrow Lord and let us conspire together to show your love made fresh in the new day to come.

Lord, I love You,

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UKViewer said...

Thanks for a positive post 😊