Saturday, 28 January 2017

Journal: Saturday night and Sunday morning

Today was almost a full on day off - there were a few pastoral encounters at the start but the majority of it was family - and I have to say that I needed it!

That said, daily Office and time with the Boss set the day up well and the journey was uneventful as we returned No.1 child to university (again) and headed to the visit the family 'up North' to meet the newest addition - an amazing beautiful babe. Funny but looking at the parents I could not but feel proud that they're part of my 'married into' family - even with some dodgy football supporting choices :-)

So what started a bit strangely with an early ringing of the doorbell has ended well, early, and relaxed - looking forward to tomorrow and more chilled time.

Father thank you that for the community around us we are considered to not only be of use but safe to approach. For the family who, bereaved and broken, came to our door I pray that you will bind up their wounds and strengthen them with your presence.

I pray for our church families and the services and the people who come - for the needs, the needy and the potential that is Sunday to be found in them by the power of your Spirit and the work of the people.

Lord, be with us in the strange and bless us in the familiar.

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UKViewer said...

Loving hearing of time spent in renewal and rest. Prayers for your ministry, the people in your place(s) and for the Holy Spirit to encourage them to serve God and their community.