Friday, 27 January 2017

Journal: A pressing day

The expression, "It would have been a great party if it wasn't for the people!" Is one I'm often heard to mutter as I leave various gatherings and events: after all, life is full of people full of themselves, isn't it?

The problem with life is the way some people live it. Sometimes it's us and often it's them. Sometimes it frustrates us and causes us tension, pain and (all too often) work - but it would be a boring life without them and we'd have no one to talk about would we?

Jesus came into the world to be the doctor - a very necessary doctor for the world and those upon this little ball of ours, exhibit some very sad symptoms at times and a cure is often required. But the medicine is not always palatable  and often hard to swallow- it can be a bitter pill for the sufferer and those suffering the sufferer too. Especially when the illness carries the label 'totum in me est' (it all depends on me). But of course it doesn't - step back and perhaps there will be some things that won't get done, until they get done differently, and then things will continue exactly the same and yet not (if you get my drift).

One of my mantras is each should carry their own load - but have friends who can help when the journey gets hard. The problem is that some of us, and I am guilty here at times, would struggle on rather than seek help (but I'm happy to have it should it come of it's own volition). I love to be collegial and when we arrived where we are now I started things in the mistaken view (damn you Field of Dreams) that 'if you build it, they will come'. But if they do, it transpired, the come to watch (yeah, just like the film - should have stayed to the end after all!!!).

Lord, I'm laying the Church before You with all those seeking to make their names and build their careers. Clergy do not have careers - pity some in positions of authority don't pass that on, but perhaps that's why they are in authority - neither do the laity, per se, own the roles and positions they occupy: We work in concert to make things happen and to serve God in the ways, and with the means, before us.

Father tonight I pray for the living stones that make up the Church. I pray for those who lead, those who are happy to be led and especially for those who seek power and play games that not even the workplace deserves.

I pray for those who will make mistakes along the road and assume that they have the strength, with or stamina to complete the task before them that they will ask for help and not see this as a sign of weakness. I pray for those who will undertake things and immediately, before the first hill is met, pass the load over to others and, job done, see this as a sign of strength.

Lord I ask that you touch the hearts of those who make Church a place of politics and unhappiness through their factions and controlling natures. Help them to see that being in the team photos is all that matters, especially when they realise that you're the Captain of our local and national (for we are a royal and holy nation) team.

I lay before you those who need healing to help them fulfil their desire to get in the game - help us to encourage them to move at whatever speed they can and to join in such that the game is won.

And at the end may each find ourselves with the victor's crown and your arms of love outstretched and welcoming us into eternity with you assured that we have played the game to the best of our abilities and harmed none.

Lord may we tear a fragment from Hippocrates hand as we look for a team motto:

first, do no harm!

And may we, with this a forethought take the Good News of the kingdom to all people in all places in every season.


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Anonymous said...

In my personal experience, certain Anglicans function on the opposite principle from that of virtuous pagans like Hippocrates, namely, "Do as much harm as possible to the weakest and most defenceless available". May their reward be eternal death.