Thursday, 12 January 2017

Up and at 'em

Well there wasn't a fag packet of space between anything today - the best laid plans all went awry and there was just enough time to travel where it was needed such that I left home first thing and managed to be back with three minutes to spare before the music practice (which finished with fifteen minutes to spare for the final meeting of the day) - Phew!

The day had some highs and lows (hence the posting it late as I have 'sanitised' it to save reflecting on those who cause me to struggle in the wrong way - always good to scribble, reflect, pray - walk away - return, pray and post).

The highs were found in the pastoral engagements and the taking Communion out to people in their homes. The lows were found in people who feel the need to 'big' themselves up and look at ways they can appear to be so very much more than they really are - the biggest frustration coming in the shape that some work so hard to look goon and yet would look so much better if they just did stuff! There is a lesson to be learned here I guess :-(

But all in all - those with whom I engaged were a blessing and those who obviously weren't going to be I refrained from engaging with; after all no point volunteering to be wound up or wounded is there, especially when the pepsin before you is a brick wall with no ears and a very loud speaker. better to seek blessing in the Lord and leave them to bless themselves for I'm sure they believe the PR they are preaching about themselves.

There is a call for us to restore those caught in sin and we need always to do this in our own lives first and to do it in the same way we would counsel others. That's been today's lesson - appearance: Of evil, of ability, of folly and of Christ as seen is us.

Lord, may You be seen in all I am and do; make me a blessing; give me the patience to make time to listen and the wisdom to help where I can in the ways that matter.

It is so often easy to find the first idiot of the day by simple looking in the mirror when one gets out of bed ;-)

I look forward to another day and pray for those whose autographs I failed to ask for today!


Running total
Comm: 58  
Hrs 33 
telephone: 93 
Texts: 89
Email: 108

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