Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Beginning and End (and in between)

Many a time I have sat by the bed of someone who was soon to leave this world of ours and been challenged by the family members who clung so hard to them.

Many a time I have urged people to let go of their struggles with others and choose a path of peaceful coexistence, even when it means moving away from them.

Many a time I have sat with, and prayed for, couples as they come to terms with the loss of a baby.

Often in these encounters I find myself drawn back to the words of Psalm 139 and the strength, comfort and direction that is found in this piece and the thoughts it contains.

Psalm 139

Lord, there's nothing you don't know about me: Beginning to end and all that's in between.
You know my thoughts, my deeds and more besides.
You know where I've been, what I've seen and what I'm going to as well.
You know what I've said before I say it (and how you wish I wouldn't).

Where can I go that you're not?
How can I avoid your gaze?

No matter where, or how, I can't give you the slip.
Darkness hides me from men, but not from you;
Holes in the ground or high in the peaks and there I am alone, except for you!
Morning, noon and night; 
Seven by twenty-four by three sixty-five - there you are alongside me!

Before my first scan you saw me and knew me,
My whole life story; triumphs and sadness, challenges and trials,
There they were, all my choices (not sadly yours), all my deeds!
From the womb to the tomb (and beyond) as I grew and blossomed,
Blossomed and decayed.
Your words, You hopes, Your love;
Surrounding and a finger tip away.
Would that perhaps I had realised this and acted better;
Made the right choices; done the right thing; been the better man!

If only you'd have got rid of the really wicked people,
Stopped the bloodshed, stayed the wars, protected the innocent;
If only you'd change your mind and act on the earth once again,
Forgot the rainbow and down down and dirty with the down and dirty people!

How I wish you'd check me out and see what bits of me are wrong.
What thoughts, deeds and plans deny you and damage us both,
And those around me too!
Find them and work on them with me,
For you doing it without me would mean nothing, would it?
Make me the man I can be, should be, rather than the man I am;
And wait for me with everlasting life at the journeys end.                                   ©VicVDB2013

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