Sunday, 12 May 2013

One up and one yet to come down - who's in charge?

Last week, taking some infants through the Church year to see how much they remembered about the sequence of things on our calendar, what they were and how they fitted together to form a whole picture we reached Easter.

'What happens at Easter?' I, innocently, ask. The response to this was the usual suspects: bunnies, chicks, easter eggs , etc. Then from the back came a small voice saying, 'Easter Sunday is when Jesus got 'resurrectified'!

A small, grammatical correction later we moved on to Ascension - 'Ascending is up, Descending is down,' I teach them (helpfully) so that they will be one of the brightest and well-informed infants in the whole universe.

I spoke of the conundrum that is Jesus having to 'go' so that He could 'come' and be with us and explained how this was met in Pentecost.

As we finished the assembly and with the children leaving, one of them stopped and said, 'If Jesus has gone up and the Spirit is coming down - who's in charge then?'

Mercifully saved by the teacher herding them back into the classrooms I have to pose that same question to you? as Jesus has ascended and we await Pentecost next Sunday.

Who do you think is in charge?


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