Friday, 24 May 2013

Want to stop turning a deaf eye?

Then take a look at the poster below and sign up if you're near to Tamworth and if you're not, then why not think about running a course in your own patch?

This is one of the most worthwhile areas of engagement a church can have in its community - so stop missing out on meeting and understanding a wonderful bunch of people ( AKA 'the deaf') and start learning to use you eyes as ears and you hands as your tongue:


UKViewer said...

Our local authority runs free introductory courses regularly.

Very useful skill, I might go on one of them soon.

Ray Barnes said...

A thoroughly worthy enterprise Vic.
I can very slowly 'do' alphabetical sign language, but have never tackled the whole phrase much speedier one in general use with the profoundly deaf.
It should be taught in schools I think.