Friday, 31 May 2013

Hornby Locomotives - for sale (1)

I've been given some Hornby Locomotives to sell for a good cause and having tried to raise some money with these have found myself struggling with people who were looking to buy the trains cheaply and sell them on through their own shops. Now much as I have nothing against commerce and the retail sector, I do struggle when people are trying to make a buck out of other people's good intentions.

So I've decided to list some of the trains on my blog with photographs and descriptions.

All of them are brand new and in the original box, many of them are 'Limited Editions' and come with certificates of authenticity.

If you know anyone who is into trains and might like them - please ask them to contact me,


Hornby R.242: BR Britannia Class 'Robert Burns' Limited Edition
Hornby R.2036: BR 4-6-2 A3 'St Frusquin' (Limited edition)
Hornby R.2135: BR 0-6-0 Class 4F '44313' Loco
Hornby R.376: LNER A4 Pacific 'Gadwall' Limited Edition
I've found the Robert Burns and St Frusquin for sale (cheapest being £69.95) and the tank loco (cheapest £48) - the A4 (which I'd love) cheapest I've found was £100.

Anyone who wants to make me an offer between silly and the cheapest I've found them, I'd be most grateful (and the young person who will benefit from career training even more so I would imagine)

More later :-)

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