Friday, 31 May 2013

Why I struggle with Dr Who!

Having been a Dr Who fan since the very first airing in 1963 I have to say that I never thought I'd find myself deserting him. You name him, I've watched him! From Hartnell to Tennant (including Peter Cushing's large screen depiction) I've been there (often hiding behind the settee in the earlier days)! Daleks, Cybermen and beyond, I've had my share of nightmares and then . . .  as if by magic the end of The Doctor and the series long themes (is this to satisfy the Americans who, to be honest, I never thought 'got' The Doctor and need one episode stories to work with their short-term attention problems (probably lost them already ;-)  ).

But it just gets so weak when, when . . .

Well, take a look at the image below - it says it all for me:

A weak story line that crosses timelines and breaks rules and now(if I understand things correctly) we've not only painted ourselves into a River Song corner but have managed to make an extra Time Lord to help them out of a corner that didn't exist!!!

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