Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Long Walk Home

You can probably imaging the journey back home.
Two miles was nothing as we followed Jesus,
Him explaining stuff and us chattering; not a care in the world.
All the 'other' stuff beginning to fade:
The trials - the Spitefulness of the Sanhedrin,
The Distain of Herod (the horrible),
The fear on the face of Pilate.

The flogging,
The mocking,
The 'long walk' to Golgotha.
The cross
and the tomb.

Easter morning and the joy,
The locked room and Him appearing,
Thomas and him 'doubting'.
And a week later coming back again,
Thomas believes
And, to be honest, so do we . . .

The days turn to weeks and,
and before you know it,
He eats some fish with us (see, told you He wasn't a ghost!)
and explains some more (the way He always does)
and He blesses us and tells us there's a present for us,
A present for us in Jerusalem,
we just need to go there and wait.

And then, as He blesses us (baruch atta adonai . . .)
He's just vanishes upwards,
I can remember seeing his feet as he went!
And we're left there with His words in our ears.
'Go to Jerusalem'.

So as we're standing there the two blokes in white,
Could have been angels I reckon,
Tell us to stop looking up
Tells us to start getting down to stuff
So here we are 
Two miles,
Two very long miles back to Jerusalem,
Back to the room
Without Him!

And then it's Festival time in Jerusalem,
It's Weeks, the celebration of God giving us the Law;
Fifty days since Jesus first re-appeared.
The place is packed,
the people are happy,
and there we are, waiting,
Waiting for God,
Back in a room hiding,
Did I mention the waiting?

Bit of a breeze; someone opened the door?
Less of a breeze; more of a wind!
More wind - it's a whirlwind - and there's fire!
Photia, Fire, Feuer, Fire, Fuoco, Fire, Fuego!

We're all doing it,
other languages creeping in,
We know stuff.
We can do stuff.

And those around us - for we're outside now,
They think we're drunk,
But then they stop and realise,
They understand,
They know what we're saying.
They can hear the message of God's love,
Of Jesus,
Of the cross,
Of resurrection!

Can You?

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