Friday, 24 May 2013

Motorcycle Funerals

Today was one of those times when I wished I'd remembered my cloak as the wind howled and the temperature remained fixed at about seven or eight degrees Celcius. It was more like a September morning than almost being June!

The only bright spot was that I'd gotten to 'do' my first motorcycle hearse funeral - sadly I didn't get to ride pillion though - and it was indeed an impressive way for any biker to leave this world.

So here's a snap of it (especially for the pillion rider) to remind people that we can make sure that every detail of a funeral is pretty much open to us (and a something for the pillion rider too - a new experience for him too).

Oh yeah, almost forgot to add, the rain joined the cold and wind just as we started to do the service - so it completed the biker's picture perfectly. Always seemed to rain more than it was sunny when I was riding :-)

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