Thursday, 3 October 2013

National Poetry Day 2013

Yes indeedy folks, today is 'National Poetry Day'

And everywhere I look I find people writing blogs in rhyme,
or even worse - some are toying with blank verse,
whilst those who read it, being of small wit,
respond with blank faces
And nod, as if the Emperor was really clothed!

But of course you won't find that here ;-)

© 2013 Vic VDB


Ray Barnes said...

Personally, I have always considered the Emperor's taste impeccable.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Me too, if not just a little wrinkled


Anonymous said...

You won't catch me attempting verse,
In prose I shall my mind immerse.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

And still my tongue from naive rhyme,
How I wish it were a crime ;-)