Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Things I struggle with (2): Twitter and 'Tit for Tat' followers

One of the interesting, in a frustrating sort sort way, things about Twitter is the belief that some hold regarding the etiquette of following. The root of my angst lies in their assumption that following someone confers an automatic right to be followed in return and that failure to do so is a massively, unforgivable, omission.

I tend  to choose those I follow on the basis of mutuality, challenge, entertainment and other such criteria and so, to be berated because I chose not to follow someone, is a bit of a niggle. After all, having looked at their offerings I have to say that I'm not that enlivened or engaged by the topic of Balinese nose flute playing.

So here's an apology to those who might follow me and find themselves not followed in return and a caution too. If you find what I write of value then follow me (and possibly get followed in return if I find the same) BUT if you follow me in the hope that this will increase you 'Followers' count, you are likely to be disappointed.

Why has this culture whereby the number of followers conferring something on the followed! after all look how many people read the Daily Fascist - numbers don't always have the power we think they do.

Better the approval of a few sound people than the roar of the mindless masses!

Happy Tuesday



UKViewer said...

I choose who I follow and who follows me. And the last thing on my mind is statistics or who is doing what to or for who.

It's a social network after all and while I've met some of those I follow, most I haven't. That doesn't degrade the relationship though, in some ways it enhances it. Perhaps meeting in the flesh will be disappointing :(

The Underground Pewster said...

I think I must have lost my mind. Add me to your list of mindless followers.