Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dogcollars - the saga ends

Yes indeedy - after a journey of many months I have the last two bits of plastic safely in my possessions (well I assume I do, I haven't opened the envelope yet!).

But here's the proof:

The edges have both been taped and so, regardless of whatever the Post Office's automated mail sort equipment can throw at the envelope - the contents are all (I assume) present and correct.

Well done to H R Denne, the manufacturer/supplier for their commitment to service (I'd have been happy with four and calling it a day) and to D M Hay for being such fun during this whole saga.

I might just frame the three envelops and hang it in the church building as a testimony to persistent faith :-)

ps. have opened the envelope and the order has indeed been filled - PTL or what?

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