Tuesday, 1 July 2014

When the going gets tough

The righteous get praying!

Here's today's Psalm (52) in a different translation to that which I might normally think of and it makes so much sense, brings so much comfort and draws a line for those who would oppose God and the Church of Christ:

'Why do you celebrate evil, you wicked, while God's goodness is there (always) for you?

In your deceit you plot destruction and talk down others and your tongue is like an assassin's razor. You love evil rather than good and in the company you keep you enjoy the taste of lies on your tongue rather than the word of truth in your heart - for you love the words that hurt, deny and destroy. And this is why God will bring you down; he shall take you, and the company of liars, adulterers, gossips and evil one and will take everything. 

The righteous will see this and trembling in awe, and fear, will be scornful and laughingly proclaim, 'Oh you wicked, deceitful ones, who abandoned God as a refuge and trusted in possessions and lived in wickedness - you have received the fruit for what you have sown!'

But the righteous are like a spreading olive tree in the house of God; they trust in the goodness, love and mercy of God for ever and ever and will always give thanks to Him for what He has done; they will hope in His name for your faithful ones delight, and find life, within it.'

I always find it sad when I see people who claim to be Christian conspiring with others and misrepresenting, telling untruths, enjoying the barbed words of others and celebrating the difficulties and challenges before others. Those who bless wickedness rather than seek to correct it; those whose bums are on the seats of the congregation whilst their hearts belong to satan, the father of all lies.

Thankfully God deals with them, leaving us to praise Him and to live our lives rightly.

Thankfully those who dig pits will indeed fall into them and perish at the works of their own hands.

Thankfully (let me hear a 'Hallelujah') those who love God will help them out of that pit and restore and love them.

As is says in the BBB (Big Black Book)

Let those who have ears, hear :-)


UKViewer said...

What's so sad is that those who profess Christianity can deceive themselves that they're good Christians while being full of deceit and so untrustworthy.

I wonder where their conscious is? Because if they had one, they'd be on their knees in front of the cross, begging for forgiveness.

And I'm sure that times I might be guilty of some of the above, but I know it and deliberately avoid it - which we're all called upon to do, I wonder why we don't all do the same?

Anonymous said...

The church is full of people who act as unbelievers. The pious people who take joy in pulling down ministers and congregations, the people who curse others and celebrate failure.

The day is coming when they will be counted, shamed and judged for their evil ways.

Praise the Lord