Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dogcollars - they're in the Post (office!)

Last September I contacted a clerical outfitters and ordered some 'dogcollars' AKA 'Tab Insert Collars'. When they arrived I found I'd clicked the wrong box and they were the wrong size and so I sent them back - never to see them (or the replacements) again!

having eventually sorted the situation I was waiting patiently for some more of the things to arrive (for how long can you keep making your own from plasticard and washing up bottles?). Eventually an envelope dropped through the door and, voila! (how sophisticated am I?) this is what I received:

Lower Right Hand corner of envelope
Lower Left Hand corner of envelope

Rear of envelope
Bottom of envelope
Interestingly the envelope contained a packing note/letter (which you can see in the tucked into the envelope on the 'Bottom of Envelope' image (bottom lefthand photo').

I've put this on here to:

a. inform the company I purchased the collars from,

b. To say 'Thank You' to the Post Office for making me laugh (I'm assuming that the envelope went through a letter sorting machine and the collars didn't),  and

c. To prove that stuff does get lost in the post (generally it's a great excuse that sits alongside 'the wife doesn't understand me!').

Please send any used 'fairy bottles' to the Parish :-)


Rick Nutter, said...

A bit like an Easter card I finally received last month. It had been "shredded" leaving the address and part of the card. These had been put into a plastic envelope with a note apologising for the state it was in.
Presumably there's a machine in the Brum sorting office which throws a wobbly occasionally and chews things up. My friends in Sutton are blissfully un aware!

UKViewer said...

You want us to send 'used Fairies' to the Vicarage?

Tried to catch some for you, but they keep fluttering away :)