Thursday, 24 July 2014

UKIP and Immigration: A conversation

I happened across an image of the UK with the words I have added to my version below from UKIP which was accompanied by the words in the caption:

NHS, schools overcrowded, 2.2million jobless, 
wages depressed, houses unaffordable 


My response to this was:

Immigration: Something we ought to have though when we ruled the waves - poor show to waive the rules now!

Enough is enough, at the point of being overwhelmed, there now ceases to be a host community to integrate into.

Guess you're not a Londoner! 
I'm not happy with economic migration but where place of safety is required then we've a moral duty and since we've joined EU, until we leave, transfer of workers is part of package And so I guess the cultures that make our society what it is will have to remain to come, and remain, too!
But what do I know, I'm only fourth generation Cockney :-)Pax

The following questions were asked, but time, space and other factors meant that I copied them and will try to address them here:

Why do Muslims seek "a place of safety" in UK EU US and then seek to change these societies fundamentally?
Throughout the history of our nation we have become home to a number of nations ranging from Jews during the European diaspora past Wirurush and passing the  Bengalis of the 70's  and the Eastern Europeans of today. Each brings their own culture and each gathers into small enclave of national identity at times - and then they integrate into the society and dilute the concentration.

I can understand the concern you have with the issue of Islamic migrants because of those who despite being born here see themselves as something other than British and the discomfort felt when those who reside here speak of conquest and islamification of our land. 

The actions of ISIS militants against Christians and other 'infidel' in Iraq and the radicalisation of those who come to this land from the islamic faith are indeed issues for concern but they need to be addressed in a rational, measured and  open-handed manner - avoiding the developing of racist and antagonistic mindsets that mirror closely the fascist approaches of the thirties (and we know where that led don't we?).

Immigration is a reason for supporting @UKIP every nation has the moral duty of putting the welfare of its own people
Totally right. Every nation has a duty of care towards its citizens - it also has a duty to provide places of safety for those who need them and to welcome workforces from places who will come and work, pay taxes and contribute to the well-being of the nation in which they reside. Those who come and add to the burden that welfare and health care presents with nothing but the view of gaining benefits and healthcare and abusing the system should be dealt with accordingly. But again, the issue of balance and reason have to come to the fore and be presented in ways that do not encourage xenophobic attitudes.

Immigration is a mistake to believe we are in a condition of equilibrium as far as immigration we ain't seen nothing yet?
Now this is one I struggled with as 'equilibrium' in this setting means (I reckon) that we have similar numbers entering and leaving and so the population is run with some status quo situation. I'm assuming you think we will be seeing many more coming in than leave (regardless of nationalities) and  are in danger of being swamped. I can but agree that we do need to rationalise this situation - so how do we put barriers up so that, car park like, every time someone exits the bar is raised to admit another?

Immigration is a real question of justice to the host communities worldwide people do not have a human right to trespass
Again I agree - the right to migrate to another nation is an issue of balance and mutuality and to assume that you have the right to set up home where you like is something that will leave you rather disappointed (I know, I've been looking at how picky some nations are when it comes to letting people settle in their country). The issue of justice is one of great concern to all and not one to be taken lightly.

And there it is, my responses to the immigration issue as it hit me yesterday.

It's a kneejerk response rather than something read about and developed (which I will now do) and is something I think ALL Christians need to have a view on. Here begins my journey.



VS said...

How might things turn out if Britain continues on her present course?

V E said...

Complete shit is how it will turn out

VS said...

Why is CoE not protesting at destruction of Anglo-Saxon people & England?

Why failure to evangelise?

V E said...

We have already been taken over they dare not protest