Thursday, 17 July 2014


Just been talking to a 'Christian' who thought they might put me straight - not that they asked me whether I needed to be put straight or even had the grace to find out if I agreed with their views before they launched into their view of what Church should be.

And it goes like this (don't think she even stopped for breath):

'Church needs to stop being so sexist and stop being homophobic and stop supporting Israel and stop being so stuck in the past and should realise that marriage isn't the norm' anymore and should lock up all the paedophile priests and get rid of the Pope and stop lending money to people that can't afford to pay it back and should stop trying to make everyone feel guilty just because they are having fun and should leave Christmas alone and stop going on about God and Jesus and making everyone feel like they're doing it all wrong.

If Church just told everyone that they're doing alright and got on with helping the poor and doing what it was supposed to do then it would be more popular!'

So I asked if they were Christian and the response was in the affirmative.

So I asked what church they attended (thinking of praying for their pastor/minister/priest) and the response was, 'Oh, I don't go to church, I don't believe in God!'

'But you started by telling me that you were a Christian,' said I (just a little confused by now).

Her response placed the cherry on the whole pile of patisserie she had just baked for me:
'I am, I was christened!'

So I thanked her for her advice and said I'd pass it on (Justin, Ruth, Gavin - are you watching?) and left her to her campaign of world domination and the sunshine (and looked for a suitable wall to bang my head against)

And it's only ten to nine in the morning!!!!!!

ps. assume the lending bit referred to Wonga - glad Justin has stopped doing that :-)


Fed Up Anglican said...

Should not have posted this as it will probably form be General Synod's next agenda - after all we only want society to like us and you have surely me society today.

And then there is the Biblocal way.

Graham Criddle said...

There could be a thesis in here to analyse what was said and to look at all the inconsistencies and errors in it.

But it's also interesting to reflect that many people would probably share the same opinions (with a few of the details changed)

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Yes - sad that many would indeed choose the same views. Sadder still that they've never read the Bible or understand the call upon Christians regarding attitudes and actions.

Sadder still is those who read the Bible and choose to rewrite it to permit, or even applaud, their lifestyles and the choices they make :-(

UKViewer said...

Had a similar coversation with someone who said they couldn't understand why the Church was so out of touch with things.

When asked if they were Christian themselves said, yes, I was confirmed in 19** but I don't go anymore because I gave up on God years ago???

I said perhaps if he came back to prayer and worship, he might get a different view, because my Church was certainly in touch with things, bang up to date in fact.
Because we'd just been worshiping half an hour ago, pity he couldn't have joined us.

He decided that I was a waste of space and wandered of in the distance to find someone else to harangue.

It's easier to discuss God, the church with an atheist than someone who believes that they're Christian, but can't be bothered with God :( At least the atheist doesn't profess to be something they're patently not.