Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Journal: Armed forces covenant

Today, on the sixteenth anniversary of the opening of the Milleneum Chapel at the National Memorial Arboretum, the Bishop of Lichfield signed a covenant committing the diocese of Lichfield to the support of those associated with the military within its bounds.

I had the immense privilege of not only being present at the service, but also took part in it, and that made something quite special, just a little more so (if that was possible). The bishop spoke extremely well (having a pointyhat is no guarantee that what's going to be said is good!) and added a cherry to an already rich cake. The previous bishop was an amazingly humble and lovely bloke - the new man is different and yet carries with him the same attributes, which is a bit of a win indeed!

So I got to play cleric, soldier and be present in the NMA at the same time doing something important with regard to the life of the diocese and the lives of those who serve (or have have served) and their families.

There weren't a good many at the event, just enough and only the right people really, but that was all that was required. We honoured God and we committed ourselves to peace and the support of those who are, or have, served.

All in all - brilliant day indeed.

So chilled and relaxed - could do this every day :-)

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UKViewer said...

Good news from Lichfield. I know that Rochester signed up some time ago, as did Canterbury.

I wonder how long before every diocese does so.

Mind you, our local Borough signed up a year or so ago, but I am not seeing much happening in how they treat Ex-Servicemen in terms of housing and other needs. Veterans are still going to SSAFA or the RBL for support, when their care needs are being cut back. I think that service charities need a higher profile, with perhaps some recognition in the Armed Forces Covenant.