Thursday, 11 May 2017

Journal: where did that day go?

Today was a total rush! Everything was pretty much planned to the minute today, it had to be as there was but a fag paper between the gaps - one of those days where you end up feeling really great and go to bed with a buzz. The day comprised of some home visits for pastoral, Communion and a bit of assistance offered and then it was service planning, some study, some pastoral stuff, music practice and then Bishops Certificate.

Think I'll find I'm struggling with the time thing when I come to log the last couple of weeks, but I have made some differences and am cutting back, so hopefully there will be a little drop in hours.

Next week is a quiet week in prospect - hopefully get ready for some time away and do some study and prayer. No funerals - which feels odd - but time to catch up on sound stuff and do some studio time to make me smile even more.

Being a dog collar is a great role - you determine your day and you get a rush a minute for much of it - you just need to realise it's your life and not your job I guess.

Loads of positive feedback from the Ditch evening - looking to extend it into something a little more in other areas now. All takes Prayer, planning and then the people. But God is good and so it onwards and upwards :-)

Lord for the needs I've encountered today - touch those lives, bring Your healing and breathe in you wholeness and peace.

For the people who are needy and difficult - give me grace and patience.

For the people who are demanding and distracting - help me to show your love.

For those who challenge my moments - help me to look to you and the image of your reality in them and be generous.

And for me - you know my needs, my challenges and my pain: You have me life and I trust You!

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