Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Journal: up to scratch

I've been feeling a bit ??? For a couple of days now and it seems people have been noticing this if the couple of emails relating to me looking 'tired' are anything to go by. Yesterday I bumped into a woman I met at a service recently - she pointed to a spotty, miserable tot, and said, "He's got chickenpox and he's not happy!"

But I was because I realised that that was the cause of the itchy spots I've been slowly growing and the caus of the itchy eyes and the tiredness and everything else!

So I'm hiding from people as I am usually around quite medically vulnerable types and although I have been told that I'm 'probably' not contagious, I cannot take that risk with the elderly and medically 'at risk' types.

So having just woken up (yes I know it's almost seven the next day) I'm writing this journal well after the day has bolted the stable to say how good the day was anyway. I did loads of (long-distance) pastoral stuff  and a bit of stuff behind the desk and put a bit of shine on the Hustings and the Dying - in the Ditch and more besides. Polished off a couple of things on the way to getting a new minister in St Chad's and am content. The only sadness came in my encounter with one of the 'little people' - the sort who challenge me because I can tolerate people who are inept and generally a bit useless, but get frustrated when the get in the way of sharing the Gospel. hey ho, guess they're sent to make me a better and nicer Christian!!!

So this is here a place marker - let's see that today brings forth :-)


UKViewer said...

Unusual to get Chicken Pox at your (advanced) age :)

But risk avoidance is good, particularly for a busy Parish Priest doing loads of stuff daily.

I was licensed last Saturday at Rochester Cathedral, which opens up new vista's, and Presented to the Parish robed and booted as their shiny new LLM(Reader). I have to say that both the licensing service and reception in the parish have been full of joy and now the real work starts.

I have another year's worth of study, but the Bishop judged that we could be safely let loose after the three years of training - God is obviously having a laugh, but we as a group have gelled so well, that networking and cross church worship is a future option as we earn our spurs.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Congrats on the licensing - now the fun begins :-)

As for Chickenpox, glad to say that I have no immunity to it and shave had it about nine or ten times during lifetime as it means I'll never get shingles! problem is that I baptise babies and do stuff in schools and so it turns up every few years with itchy eyes and slowly emerging spots and totally knackeredness. Hey Ho!