Thursday, 4 May 2017

Journal: tempest fugit!

No, not a typo - just a recognition that the passage of time can cause a storm!

I spent four hours this week in a coaching scenario - and I enjoyed it!

We looked at work/life balance and the things that energised me.
We looked at the things I wanted to do and the things I was doing and asked some difficult questions.

The interesting thing to note was that peaks came after a week off, reduced week and, in the case of the highest, Holy Week as preparation, services and home visits crowded in.

My lowest week this year (thus far) arrived when a 'flu bug hit the family.

Watch this space as I work at reducing life to something below the forty-five hour mark.

I have to say that, and I'm writing this at 04:00 having woken at 02:35 and finding myself unable t o sleep, that I enjoy what I do and do what I enjoy, but as the organist keeps telling me, "It's long hours, not hard word, that kills you!"

So I'm looking to live a lot longer :-)

These are the scores on the doors that outline work area averages for a week

 And (knowing you like pictures) here are the same areas depicted graphically:

So, let's see where this coaching thing takes me. I've already made sleep a 'protected area' (unless there's a crisis that is ;-) ) and will now be looking as seeing how I can raise the bar with study and prayer and growing as a Christian (A colleague says better to have a healthy cleric than a knackered one - wonder if this is the model for 2017?).

The winds of change are flying through the boondocks and life is, as the Chinese curse never said, about to cause me to live in interesting times!

Prayer and encouragement will be most welcome over the coming day.

AV, FE, NMA, E&O, SD, VocA, RF, StaffsPol,ATC, SCC,RNA, FC


Ray Barnes said...

Blessings and prayers for you all Vic.

UKViewer said...

I love graphs but I dare not apply one to my Not working life. For someone who retired in 2009, I seem to spend a lot of hours a week doing, which can include probably 10 to 15 hours of just listening. Which seems to be a major part of the wonderful ministry that God has entrusted in mesa

Certainly, there are peaks and troughs, and at the moment I am in the middle of Essay writing for the last two back to back modules that I attended. Preaching x 2 done and sent. 2 More on healing and wholeness - it does seem as if I have been a perpetual student for the last 3 years, but my licensing at Rochester Cathedral on 20th May, will bring that all into perspective.

I have more study to do post licensing, but that counts as CPD, so I can't complain about it. But recognition of a ministry that has stretched over the past 9 years, firstly with the Bishop's Certificate last June and now his License to Officiate, Diocese wide, opens up a whole new vista.

God is good to so many and he has been around through the ups and downs, now I pray that he does much the same for you as you struggle to refine or to define, what it means to be 'Marked by God' with the indelible mark of the Priesthood and how to live you life not at full throttle, but at a moderate speed that enables safety and health and wholeness.

JD said...

A bold step - admire your honesty and openess.

Not sure I'd still be a live if I was working your hours.

Watching with interest as they say.