Saturday, 13 May 2017

Journal: An interesting evening

Spent on the side of the Aston Expressway as the cam belt on the Megane went and snapped. Still had a couple of k left but it obviously didn't read that bit! So there I was, almost there when all goes quiet. Fortunately I managed to coast into L1 and into a refuge - which was great until along came a bunch of workmen with cones!

They, most helpfully, started putting out the cones and diverting the traffic closer to me (thanks). Having already done the other side the AA bloke called me to say he couldn't make it to me as the traffic was horrendous as the road was closed. So along comes another vehicle from the opposite direction and eventually I find myself home.

But the evening was brilliant - I had a great time singing to myself, listening to football and generally having a great time. There were bits of excitement (like the lofty that came into my part of the road and just made it back onto main carriageway clipping the wing mirror on the way! There were bits of confusion as someone squeezed past me (on foot) and carried on around the corner. It was a great end to a super day - if you don't count the fact that I need a new car that is!!!

But the day rocked as I did more time on the streets of Tamworth talking to people as part of the 'Dying Matters' week. The conversations rocked and I reconnected with so many lovely people and met new as I talked about the place of bereavement and dying in today's society.

No Communions or home visits today - it was all on the streets - and it was brilliant!,

Tomorrow it's more of the same and then we have an 'art in unusual places' event with a musical due coming to perform (tickets still available!!!) before Sunday comes.

So tired and yet strangely happy - just need a car with a tow bar to replace Megané - hallelujah or what :-). ?

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