Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Journal: In the Ditch

What an absolutely amazing night - the day was as busy as Mondays usually are with meetings, home Communions and a funeral and then there was the first 'Dying - in the Ditch' - a totally unknown quantity.

Having spoken to people about their endeavours I soon realised that the stand up and hold court, lecture, and the like wasn't the way forward for this event and so it was a beer a low key start as conversations began. But the place was pretty much packed and the noise of conversation and laughter - the topics and the way that people began to engage - had me leave at the end of the night with a big grin.

And so it's onwards and upwards with some planning to be done for the next one and some thinking about what else needs to be done in such a brilliant venue. Ged and Ade, who run the place, were absolute stars for all their help and hopefully this is the beginning of something really effective in the lives of some of Tamworth's inhabitants.

Wasn't a 'godbothering' event - no prayers, hymns, sermons or collections - but an opportunity to bring some sense of peace and healing into a few lives. And I know who I work for.

So Lord, thank You for a stunning day - for those with whom I have engaged a massive Thank You.
Strengthen my arms that the ministry opportunities in this place might be seen and acted upon. Help me to pastor the flock and to steady the wobbly.

Alleluia or what?

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