Saturday, 20 May 2017

Journal: Ok, where did the day go?

had it all planned but - a day off, but then there was a little website management followed by a lot of admin that needed to be done for the weekend followed by a couple of articles for people and some stuff surrounding the Tamworth Hustings on June 5th and some prep for the diocesan event tomorrow and before you knew it - the work day was finishing and it was almost 10pm and it had been something like a fourteen hour (working) day!

Finished tired and yet strangely satisfied - which is why I guess I keep on doing long hours - because if the work is there then I'll plough on!

So, a great day, albeit almost totally office based, with much to show for it and much to be grateful for.

For the conversations by telephone - glad I've abandon email for telephone, nothing better than hearing a voice and bringing about a solution in real time - I'm grateful. They were a blessing to the person at the other end of the wire and to me.

For the planning which appears to be coming together - always surprised and always blessed.

For the day gone - a big smile and gratitude for a productive day.


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