Sunday, 14 April 2013

Easter 3 and . .

the response, 'He is Risen indeed!' is beginning to sound a little hollow.

Just like those who live in places where tourist attractions are to be found (and I can plead guilty to this having had a bridge, a pier, cathedrals, museums and more bedsides) and yet see nothing special in  them, some are beginning to forget Easter Sunday and the joy it brings.

The Pascal candle is lit (and?); the greeting, 'He is Risen!' is proclaimed (yeah, we know!); the Eucharist is celebrated (we do that EVERY week?).

In the readings today we have Saul 'still' breathing out murderous threats encountering the risen Christ and losing his sight that he might see more clearly.  The Angels proclaim the truth about Jesus, the Christ and all created things worship Him - without ceasing! Peter takes up a new role as shepherd, walking in the footsteps of the Good Shepherd.

Three passages from the Bible that challenge, inspire and demand.

How can we be anything but caught up in the One who died and rose again from the dead?

How can we be anything but caught up in the love of those in whom the invisible God is made visible?

How can we not shout the words, 'He is Risen indeed!' and get loud when we come to the 'Hosanna in the highest' bits?

On this, and every mini-Easter Sunday we can stand and excitedly respond to the proclamation:

Jesus, the Christ, is Risen!

Cant' we? 

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