Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Funeral for 'forgotten' War Veteran

This Friday sees the Town of Tamworth hold the funeral of former Royal Marine, Albert Vaughan.

Albert has spent the last twenty-one years living in a nursing home and, being predeceased by all but two grandsons, looked likely to be buried with few to pay their respects; but this has changed thanks to the efforts of the home's manager Chris Homer.

I am am writing this in the hope that anyone who might know anything of Albert's service (or other) life might see this and give me more information to make the eulogy fit the man more closely.

I know he served as a Royal Marine and the last rank I can find is that of Sgt.

I also know that he received a BEM in the 1945 birthday honours and appears to have originally hailed from Burnley.

Any additional information would be most gratefully received (please either post as comment or email me).

Thank you

Albert Vaughan R.M. BEM
1924 - 2013


UKViewer said...



I am sure that many of you will have seen this over the various social media sites that are out there now but if you have not then please read on.

Former Royal Marine William Albert Vaughan passed away at the Marmion Nursing Home recently, after being a resident there for 21 years. He has no next of Kin, or family at all and his funeral is due to be attended by members of staff from the home. As you will know, the RMA and other service organisations recently gave another former RM a fitting send off and it is hoped that those who can will also turn up to pay their respects for this gentleman who has no family but us.

“Bill”, will be leaving the Marmion Nursing Home at 13.00hrs on the 12th April (17 Stretton Street, Glascote, Tamworth, Staffs B77 2BH) and will be at Sutton Coldfield Crematorium for 1330 (B75 6LG) If you can be there I urge you to attend to show your support for another comrade who has crossed the bar alone, but is now with friends in the final RV.

If you require any other information then the Manager of the home, Mr Christopher Horner is available on 0182 767 953.

Corporal Albert Edward Vaughan, Ch.X.io36,
Royal Marines


Hope that this helps.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Yep - working with Chris at the moment - seems Albert has much to commend him (and much he never did pled).

Becoming a bit of a Poirot this end of wire :-)