Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My beloved books . . .

Hanging by an inch by eight screw!

There I was, typing away and getting stuff sorted now the Easter rush has passed when I heard a creak!

Realising that whilst much of the Church might be at sea the study certainly wasn't I stopped to listen  a bit more and looked towards the place where the noise had come from. The shelves at the top appeared a bit nearer. Three inches or so nearer -  it was moving!

As I watched the central part of the shelving suddenly darted forward and I darted upwards to relieve the shelves of their contents before the rest of them fell down! As I did I became aware that all that stood between me and a bibliographic-avalanche was about eighteen one-inch screws and my ability to divest the wretched shelve of my beauties.

But I did (phew) and now being the proud possessor of some substantial rawlbolts fixings, will hopefully see the shelving refitted and refilled safe in the knowledge that this time it will be the wall that collapses!

I hope :-)

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