Monday, 8 April 2013

So farewell Margaret Thatcher . . .

Margaret Thatcher's death is a sad event at so many levels:

I. She was someone special to her family,

II. She pushed the boundaries for women in so many areas (some would include women in ministry here too) and her landmark 1979 election as Prime Minister did many good (and some bad) things.

iii. She was resolute and strong and served her nation and party well in many ways.

iv. Some have used her death to vilify and rejoice - acts which display a paucity of generosity and a blinkered and pathetic mindset.

Personally I found some of her policies to be distasteful and struggled with her and those around her - but I am grateful for her life of service and can but pray and commend her to God's grace, love, care and mercy.

dona eis requiem


Allie P said...

Well said, Vic.

Soup D said...

Didn't like the woman's politics, but see no reason to indulge in ad hominem arguments.

Schadenfreude is always unattractive, and to exhult in someone's death in the childish ways that we've seen today can only be distasteful.