Monday, 15 April 2013

Paying the Share (1): À la carte church

Thinking of ways in which churches might raise money yielded some interesting ways forward. Here's the first in a series of (at least one):

The 'a la carte' church

(Click on the image for full-size version)

I think this might be one of the most innovative ways of raising your Parish Share - look at the benefits:

No more tedious and trying sermons on tithing or being a cheerful giver!

Meets the Consumer Churchgoers where they feel most comfortable!

No more complaints about Church after the Service - You Want it? You Got it!

(If this doesn't get me a pointy hat I don't know what will*)


* showed it to the wife and she thinks it'll get me a straight-jacket and soft walled room!!!


Ray Barnes said...

Hmmmm. There's more than one kind of pointy hat you know.
Be very careful what you wish for.

Love the menu.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Already got it (with bells and a pig's bladder too ;-))

was hoping for a different sort for the collection :-)

and alignment fixed on the menu too (which is much tidier)



Edward Green said...

Surely folks would pay more for BCP?

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Well I would have thought so - but seems that many aren't so keen. I don't quite understand that but canvassed a few people recently and the problem is that they haven't been given enough exposure to feel comfortable with it and learn the rhythms and thinking.

Communion: eyes downcasts, personal, you and God, sinner, penitent and forgiven.

Rather have agape, family meal and rush past the personal and penitent perhaps?

Evensong - sublime! Pointed palms, Cathedral psalter, mag, nunc and all that. No guitars or trite songs anywhere (other than that which A&M perhaps offers us)>

Hey ho - a first version with amendments already beckoning :-)