Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Don't get upset by the Daily Mail

Don't post about the excesses and repeat the spin!

Don't become 'outraged of [insert home town here],

If you are offended by the Daily Fascist's (or any other newspaper's) front page or other content, please visit the link below before you do anything else:

Have you done that?

To repeat  errors and spin is to strengthen what is wrong.

To post and publicise the Mail's comments is to advertise for them and makes what they have written worthwhile for them - its free publicity and puts the paper into the media (and public eye).

Look at the facts and ask yourself how you, me and others can be effective in standing for the oppressed and marginalised and stand against those who do wrong.

It's what Church and thinking people (hopefully one and the same) do!

What would the LORD have us do? Act rightly with mercy (not contempt), seeking Justice (not revenge) as those who count themselves not better than others but less than (it's called humility).
Micah 6. 6 - 8



Anonymous said...

Pinko Liberal Commie.

Vic Van Den Bergh said...

Yippee - it's the pantomime season already!

Your observations are as wrong as you would be should you support the Daily Fascist or any other other the rabble-rousing rags out there.

The welfare state is a jewel in this nation's crown and to say it produces certain types of people is as absurd as assuming all politicians fiddle expenses or the law and judiciary are bent.

Excesses and bad eggs will always be found but they are, in my experience, the exception rather than the rule.

Thank you for making me laugh :-)