Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Denial: At last a film that made me cheer!

Today's three hour's absence from the everyday stuff saw me taking in the film 'Denial' - the true-life account of the libel case: David Irving v Penguin Books Ltd // Deborah Lipstadt.

Written by David Hare (so it was obviously going to be good before the screen even flickered into life) it tells of what was probably one of the biggest libel trials to escape my attention (guess we can blame the fact that I distracted by the wonderful world of international insurance at the time.

The film is a wonderful rollercoaster of emotions and the footage from Auschwitz, the courtroom scenes and the rationale behind the defence all conspire to be very inspiring indeed.

This is a film I will be watching with some of my closest friends when it makes it to DVD.

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