Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Journal: Well that was a bit of a day off!

Today was a mixed day as I needed to get some copy off to to meet a deadline and then found that the local newspaper needs everything asap for the church service page. This year we have forty-one churches featuring (plus the Good Friday Witness) so it's looking really positive again.

managed to creep out for a film (read about it elsewhere on the blog) and also managed to get over to Lichfield for some Easter requisites too. Whilst there managed time with the wife and a bit of nosebag so been a really positive day thus far.

That said it's 23:40 and I'm just about to pull the plug and get off to bed - so it has been a really good day and although I haven't managed a full day off with Easter and missioner stuff creeping in, I feel really chilled.

Lord, for the encounters today I give You thanks and praise.

For the people I have blessed, I thank You, and for those I haven't, "Hey Ho, let's keep banging those rocks together, eh?"

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