Thursday, 27 April 2017

Journal: keep on swimming

I love Thursdays - they start with a Communion service and more often than not end with a surprise!

Today was another fag paper between the stuff day, which meant it was full on and fun. Like a day at Disneyland - but without the people in costumes walking around.

Another amazing funeral, full house and nice and gentle. Everything you'd want as a goodbye for a loved one.

Another amazing home Communion. Beginning to get to know a relatively new person I visit.

Cherry on the cake moment was a few pastoral visits - don't get to do them as much as I should.

End of day came with cadets and stumps drawn just before ten meant an early night.

The variety and the blessing of seeing doors open in the ministry of others makes it obvious that there is a plan to all this. Need to stop this being so busy though, thinks it obscures the opportunities God lays out for me. I've committed myself to doing less - but don't see it happening. Not a good admission for someone who used to reach time management that, is it?

Been doing some theological thinking today and that has awakened things in me that need to be dialogues with and a new GPS needs turning on: One that says 'turn around' a lot.

Lord - another day goes and a new dawn beckons.
Give me ears that hear Your voice and eyes that watch for the road signs You place along my journey.

Thank You for the reality that content fallible and flawed people - and one sinless and obedient man.

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