Thursday, 6 April 2017

Journal: Do you Love me?

What a rocking day it's been. I knew it was going to be a bit busy so I got it rolling early to fit it all in. But it worked and I managed to stick a few visits, a Bishops Certificate, lunch with a friend, and preparation for three of the nine services next week will see happen - and get newspaper item finished along with Easter Services page and do a music practice too. Mega!

Fun bit was a colleague from another denomination, after hearing how many services Holy Week attracted, commenting, "That's why I'm not an Anglican!" Each to their own I guess - reckon I'll be high church in another few years as I'd love to not only keep the feasts and festivals but do Communion every day too; and yet I'm still a charismatic (how odd)!

So looking forward to Good Friday, I love the witness and the watch and this year I'm privileged to be with St Editha's choir for a choral reflection too. Holy Week brings many great services as we do stations of the cross the first couple of nights followed by the splendid tenebrae service on the Wednesday. Thursday brings the Seder meal into our experience and we relive that last supper and light the blue touchpaper for arrest, trial and eventual execution that is Good Friday.

Is it any surprise that 'holy Saturday' sees us lying in the floor mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually done in?

Of course this Sunday (Palm Sunday) complete with waving bits of palm tress (£10.50 for fifty of them. They certainly don't grow on trees at that price!!) starts the thing off, but it's the liturgy of the passion - a real marathon reading that breaks the heart for the first time on our journey to the cross.

But of today - one of my friends is struggling and I have to admit, taking him Communion was sad today as he's not doing as well as he has been. Another (who I need to include in my visits) is in pain. Another is needy and another couple even more up against it. This is a battle and we need to know we are not alone - sadly don't think I always help there as other stuff creeps in and distracts.

Lord, either give me more hours in a day or help me to stick all the unnecessary tosh in the bin!

I've analysed the first quarter and will be sharing them with a few people. I'll stick a pretty pie chat on  some time soon, interesting to see where the time goes.

Bishops Certificate was brilliant - as seem the case, the material offered with thin and tenuous in extremes, but with the aid of a few interlinears and the Greek, we really had fun. Tow men down at the moment, so prayers for them and four us as we deal with some of the total tosh we use as a firefighter as we fan the flames of learning into something great. No charcoal was harmed in the making of this session! The person leading it did a great job with it all - got to play naughty schoolboy (no change there).

So a day of being broken and educated, blessed and grateful for my Christian family, challenged and tested by my own calling and passions as a believer.

Lord for those I find it easy to love, I thank You.
For those I sometimes struggle to love, I praise you, for life without those broccoli and cabbage moments -feasting only on the sweets - would be unbalanced and unhealthy.
For the people I visited today - and for those I didn't manage to visit - bring healing and a real sense of your presence.
Help me to turn my life into one of people, the word and prayer - thank you for the people in church who worry about money, strategies and structures - give me Christ and a true faith with sound liturgy and living stones. I'll leave the skeletons and dryness to others if You don't mind: Make me a man of the Word and of the People I pray.

And so, another day has crept into mine, so I guess I'll thank You for what's gone and praise You what what's now already here.

Yes Lord, I agape You!

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