Monday, 10 April 2017

Journal: An above below average day!

It's not often you get to do a four Communion day, but that's been my experience today and it was great fun. At the close of the day it's been Common Worship 3 - Taizé 1 and so Common Worship goes on to the next round.

The early Communion (up the road) was tough today as the liturgy of the passion took over the majority of the service. Always a tough read. The second service was a lot easier as I played guitar and shared the reading with six others. Service three (which I thought was the last service) - a Taizé offering, was gentle and a real blessing as it enabled me to reflect on the day and hang some of my hurtsm, frustrations and challenges on a hook at the feet of Jesus.

I hadn't counted on service No.4, but someone managed not to turn up and this meant that once my service was done I had to rush off to care for those sheep without a shepherd elsewhere (and it was lovely to be with them).

Today we were so blessed when someone felt the prompting to come in to a service for the first time, and stay! Not sure I would have the courage to do it without knowing someone. But it was another day with few empty seats and some good singing (generally, if you discount me).

So it's gone midnight and I've just received my first birthday wish of the day - how very keen indeed.

Grant me a good night Lord - Holymweek is upon us and the workload becomes immense.

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