Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Tenebrae: A service of shadows

"What is it?"

In a nutshell, the word means 'darkness' or 'shadows' and it's a service we do in the Christian tradition during 'Holy Week' - the week with Good Friday in it (which means: This Week!).

Someone recently told me that they weren't into 'new fangled' services, which is good because this service dates back to mediaeval times. The service reflects on the passion of Jesus, the Christ and as we pass along the journey to the cross, at various junctures, candles are extinguished and the shadows lengthen.

As the mood darkens, so too do the church building, until eventually we leave in darkness and silence.

It's high drama of the sort that Church used to provide before the wind u gramophone and steam radio came a long. So, even if you can't make it to our service (St Francis' Church B79 8JB) I'm sure you can find one somewhere near to you.

Why not have a look see and experience something amazing in the run up to Easter?

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Ray Barnes said...

I would love to see the full Tenebrae service but our version is rather toned down., A great pity I think because it is one of the few occasions when the "High Church" version can be performed superbly without being accused of theatricality.
I have always maintained that a really good priest should be as good an actor as he/she is theologian.
Enjoy your chance to strike dread into the hearts of your congregation Vic.
Have a wonderful Easter.