Thursday, 13 April 2017

Journal: Two stations keep us moving along.

The first night saw us using images commissioned by St John's, bethnal Green and painted by Chris Gollon. The service was met with a number of comments and people were moved and shocked in equal measure.

The second (last night) was a more gently affair altogether and used easier images.

I wonder whether easier images are the best way forward though as it seems to me that we make our journey to the cross so sanitised and gentle - masking the blood, the pain, the sacrifice - making it acceptable and in doing so make it unreal.

The grotesque image, the painful tearing of life from the container that is the human body - how can we make it clean and acceptable? It is as awful and despicable as those who would portray the Shoah, or the atrocities inflicted by wicked men and women in Iraq or Syria, Palestine or Pakistan and mere 'local disturbances'.

The truth is this:
That Jesus, condemned by those He came to save,
Body broken by those whom He took on flesh to become one of,
Chose to do it all for me!
For those in whom I find the image of the invisible God is made visible and real.
See from His hands, His head, His feet . . .
What more needs to be said, seen, sensed

Lord, as I gaze upon the images of Your Passion,
In Your brokenness, I too am broken.
In Your death I find life,
In my life I find opportunity - a day returned from the dead that I might live.
Lead me to Your cross that I might marvel, be broken and find life

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