Monday, 3 April 2017

Journal: Another Chapter

No the book type but the gathering of clergy type. A good turn out and an able speaker from the Children's Society made for something more passable than some I've lived through, so that makes it a good day. This week is set aside for Holy Week preparation and next is going to be a week where I am retreating glaciers into reading and praying and not going to do a sterling impersonation of the proverbial 'Blue wotsit fly' - as has been the case almost every year I've been here.

Noosiree - this is a year where I'm preparing for Good Friday and since I already have a full dance card, someone else will be answering their doorbell. Needs to be done :-)

Had an amazing Communion in a local care home, had a few newbies today and that means I have to do a bit of learning to make sure that I remember who's a 'sipper' and who's a 'cheers, got any more?' for the next visit. Amazing how the time flies when you're having fun and it wasn't long before Kid's Club was starting again (so no Lent Course for me today).

Evening went well and I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow - going to see the film 'denial' which, considering the subject matter, is another film likely to get me wound up. But tomorrow is going to be a day when (crises and mourning families aside) I am off and unavailable.

I'm about to analyse the last quarter and see how well I did in terms of work/life balance and will be responding to the scores in a positive learning outcome sort of way.

Talking to a colleague about this work/life thing they made an interesting observation in that those who keep to a 'compact' work element often feel that they've really pushed the boat out when they extend their working week but those who tend to have something more Range Rover in size feel that a (proper) Austin Mini of a week is theirs when the reality says something different. Yeah, I get what they were trying to tell me - blame God for making ministry so much fun, that's my assessment of it all!

But my Spiritual Director's raised eyebrows say that God might like me to have a little less fun, so I guess I'll be sharing it this coming month :-)

Lord, for those with whom I will meet next week to bury their dead, give me the words that bring comfort. For those I will meet who are broken and lost, give me your words of life. For those I meet who need special attention, can I have a stick with nails in please?

And for the woman who thought her Fiat 500 (enlarged and ghastly though it be) was the size of a Challenger AFV, can you buy her a bicycle please?

And Lord, a special thought for all those overworked clergy tonight: May I never become one one of them and may it always be my paid for pastime!

Now, where's that bed?

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