Saturday, 8 April 2017

Journal: Brunch, craft and Easter collide

What a day: we had a Brunch at one church and a craft day at another and we were cooking (literally)!

Was sad to be reminded that we sometimes live in one-way streets where we can be treated quite poorly and seek to be doormats in our response to this. "We mustn't upset people who are negative or rude to us. After all, what would Jesus do?" they cry from a safe distance.

Actually, I reckon Jesus would have used some robust challenges to their wrong attitudes and their mean-spirited existences. Being Christian means we not only resist living a life of fear but also speak the truth in love. This mistaken belief that Christians are an easy touch needs to be correctly as soundly as those who choice to live contrary to God's good suggestions.

In my life I encounter a number of people who assume that I have to do stuff because I'm a Christian.

"You have to do .. You have to give me ... You have to ..." well actually I don't and the criticism that I have taught people to be bone idle, inept, or the like, because they know I will stand in the gap and meet their needs (dropping stuff for myself or mine) is the same thing in this context too.

So a warning: if you are someone who expects certain things, makes demands, likes to abuse Christians or wants to call yourself Christian without living like one - be prepared to be (gently) corrected!

Let's get it started ...

Lord - Jesus, the Christ, came as servant to all, but not as a patsy and nor a limpwristed fop. We are called to be as men (and this includes women so there's no exeat on offer) in our understanding and our living. Help us to be this!

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